Feng Shui And Your Sofa

For decades Feng Shui has been becoming more and more popular due to the stress and tribulations of people’s everyday. They want to find a balance between things that they have no choice in doing and things that they want to do. The principles of Feng Shui allow people to use the positive energy that can be found in the living spaces of their homes. This can benefit both themselves and the guests that they invite into their homes.

The living room is undoubtedly one the most important rooms in any home because it is where you relax after a long day and the room you use to welcome guests. The harmony of the family is concentrated on the living room. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art and the Chinese believe that Feng Shui plays an important role in sofa arranging to create the ideal living room. It is based on a Taoist vision in that it balances the energies of the space within a room to bring health and good fortune to everyone that spends time within it.

Therefore they believe that the strategic placing of sofas is paramount. You have to keep clutter to an absolute minimum and lighting low. Also installing some plants helps because it all adds to harnessing the power of Feng Shui. Soft lighting is very important in a living room so where you place the lamps is very important. Lamps should brighten up dark corners of rooms so that negative energy is reduced but they should never be place directly over your sofa. In daylight hours your sofa should optimise natural daylight that will flood in through your windows. In order for this to be effective the windows should be kept clean at all times and with no obstacles in the way.

An important element of Feng Shui is also that your sfft furnishings should not clash with the curtains because this will cause an imbalance of energy within your living room. They also advise on avoiding the colour red because it is thought that the colour red brings pressure and obstacles that will block the flow of energy or ‘chi’.

In the living room the sofas and chairs need to face each other because the ‘L’ shape, which is often a tradition, only makes guests feel awkward. People facing one another makes the atmosphere much more relaxed. If however you have a very large living room whereby you have many seats then simply arrange then in an octagonal or circular arrangement. Your sofa should have a clear view of the door with no obstructions; the thought behind this is that everyone can greet new arrivals. Anyone dropping in then feels part of the group immediately, so it is imperative that no furniture has its back to the door way as this will block the energy.

Coffee tables within rooms are thought to bring negative energy because of their hard edges and the fact that they are usually placed between seats. This will block any free-flowing energy and create disharmony between the people in the room. If you have to have a table in the room choose a side table with objects on it kept to a minimum.

Any flowers in the room need to be fresh and not dried. If the flowers are fresh always dispose of dead leaves and flower heads. A Feng Shui inspired living room will also incorporate a fish tank because it is supposed to bring good fortune and prosperity.

So if you incorporate all of these things into your living room you and your guests will feel peace and harmony whilst sitting on your sofa whilst enjoying good health and good fortune.


The History Of The Chesterfield Sofa

The word ‘chesterfield’ has been around for centuries and the Oxford English Dictionary states that it was used back in the 1800’s to describe a leather sofa. There are however many opinions in regards to the origin of the word ‘chesterfield’ to describe the sofa that we know today but below is the history behind the chesterfield sofa.

Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield who lived between 1694 and 1773. It is widely believed that it was he who commissioned the first leather settee, the chesterfield, with its distinctive deep buttoned and quilted leather upholstery that has a low seat base. The Earl was known in his time as being a trendsetter as well as a much-admired politician and writer.

The Earl asked a local craftsman to create an item of furniture that gentlemen would be able to sit on in an upright position. The item of furniture would allow the gentlemen to sit on it without wrinkling their garments.

This was thought to be the chesterfield’s original purpose. It had rolled arms with equal back and arm height, a nail head trim and the deep-buttoned upholstery. Although this noble beginning of the chesterfield has never been fully confirmed it is appropriate to the gentleman it is supposedly name after. The mannerly and refined example of seating that the chesterfield extols matches that of Lord Stanhope, who was a noted writer of letters which preached of manners and morals.

On his deathbed on 24th March 1773 Lord Stanhope’s last words to his personal butler was “Give Mr Dayrolles a chair” just before he passed away. Mr Dayrolles, a young diplomat, was the Earl of Chesterfield’s godson and had come to visit his godfather due to his ill health. The manservant took him at his word and gave Dayrolles an armchair. Dayrolles carried the very heavy armchair away with him and upon arriving home he decided to take a closer look at the armchair. He found the armchair to be a superb piece of furniture in deep brown leather with deeply set buttons that the chesterfield is famous for. Even though the armchair showed years of wear, he found that it only added to its appearance. Dayrolles concluded that the item was a timeless and ageless masterpiece. It seems that after this the acquaintances of Dayrolles commissioned their own chairs after greatly admiring the one at the home of Dayrolles.

Over the years the chesterfield sofa retained its distinguished charm but was mainly seen in the Gentlemen’s Clubs of London. Since then all of the various models of sofas and settees designed over the past 200 years have all been inspired directly from this original.

It was the officials of the Royal Army that then successfully exported the design via the British Colonies and the chesterfield soon became the emblem of British style. The style of British gentlemen in their London clubs drinking brandy and smoking cigars in a dark paneled study. In the 19th century Sigmund Freud then used a chesterfield sofa when he carried out hypnosis sessions with his patients.

Since then chesterfields have been installed in Royal palaces, executive business offices, top class restaurants and hotels and exclusive private residences. It is synonymous with class and elegance the world over and the chesterfield sofa remains to this day a sofa that is both sophisticated and comfortable.

Although the chesterfield used to be a status symbol of the privileged few, it is now much sought-after in homes throughout the world. It is a timeless piece of furniture that will be in demand for centuries to come.

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A Sofa That Suits The Era Of Your Home

The property market has not been this buoyant for years and it is largely due to two things. Firstly the Right to Buy scheme that has seen nearly 9,000 tenants purchase their council house due to the increased discounts that are were introduced last April. Secondly is the controversial Help To Buy scheme introduced by the government to help first time buyers, which saw 27,100 people apply for a mortgage just in August alone.

All of these people have now managed to get a foot on the property ladder, which would have been practically impossible for them before these two schemes made applying for mortgages the easiest it has been since the economic crash in 2007. These people will be moving into various types of properties, such as Victorian terraces, detached bungalows or perhaps an Edwardian semi. The next step once the property has been acquired is how to decorate your new home.

Some people decide to opt for furniture that it is in keeping with the age of the property. Therefore they tend to go down the traditional route whilst others would prefer to break with that tradition and opt for something more individual and eclectic. Much of the time people tend to choose furnishings that sit comfortably with the character and also the age of the property.

So to maintain the period authenticity of an Edwardian semi or Victorian terrace some people decide to purchase a chesterfield sofa. But then they have to make a decision on what one they buy, should they purchase an old one or a new one from a store. If you buy a new chesterfield sofa some people view it as being a bit of a cop out because it is not ‘vintage’. However the vintage ones that can be found in local auction listing come with a hefty price tag and sometimes it has seen better days. An old chesterfield sofa might need re-springing or recovering, which would cost a fortune, especially when money is tight after paying for your deposit for your new home. There are old chesterfields about that are in pristine condition but they will cost so much that you will not be able to afford to do anything else to your property. A new chesterfield might not be an antique but it can certainly look it and for half the price of those in the auction room.

If you have purchased a new apartment in the trendy docklands area of London or a bachelor pad near the Thames then you will want a sofa that is more fitting to your new pad, an old chesterfield sofa would look be in keeping with the vibe of the apartment. Corner sofas are very popular at the moment and are a viable alternative to the traditional sofa mentioned above. Corner sofas are also a space saver because they use up dead space as extra seats, such as the arm of the chair up against a wall on a traditional sofa.

Corner sofas also make a room feel much larger than it actually is, great if your apartment is on the small side. They also give you more open floor space and they actually allow you to do more with the room that you have. Another plus point of corner sofas compared to the traditional ones is that they can be maneuvered into narrow walkways and doorframes a lot easier. So when you have purchased your new property there will not be any problem getting your new sofa through the door, a huge plus point if you live in a new high-rise apartment block.

Therefore when you purchase your new property you need to decide what style you are going to go with. Some decide to keep with the period property look inside the home because their newly acquired home was built during that certain era. Others decide to go completely the other way and by a modern sofa that suits their ‘new build’ home. Whichever category your new property falls into just make sure that you choose wisely because a new sofa is a major decision as it is a focal point of any living room.

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